Fire Wall Security Services (Pvt) Ltd provides you a complete Security Services that is an
accumulation of many years of direct experience in a wide range of services delivery

Our Services, Our pride

The proof of pudding is in eating, the saying goes; Excellence is service being our Motto, we have a large number of clients and our growth has been phenomenal in recent years.

 Trained Team

Trained, competent & experienced team members.

High-Quality Support

High quality support, supervision & direction by management

Systematic Training

Systematic training & education of personal.

Effective Procedures

 Effective & efficient reporting procedures.


 Residential Security Services

Guarding Security Services

Our team of highly trained professionals collaborates closely with you to develop a customized security plan.

Commercial Security Services

Our Commercial Security Services encompass a wide range of solutions designed to safeguard your business operations:


 SSG Commandos

Armed Security Guards

 Security Supervisor

 CCTV Services

 Tracking Solutions

 CCTV Services

We are proud serve our distinguished Clients.

How we are better

Trained Manpower

Our training program is designed to improve the skills & knowledge of each individual

Rounds of Inspection

Rounds of inspection are carried out at pre-determined frequencies, at irregular intervals by a team of mobile supervisors

Provision of additional force

We keep a reserve force and can provide be on short notice in the time of emergencies

Additional Qualities

We can provide on demand automatic weapon like 222 and 30 bore Puppyish.

Ex Army Officers

Security Officers

Security Officers are highly trained individuals who either served in the armed forces as an An officer or hold multiple years of experience & certifications in the field of physical security
and Security management.